Step By Step Guide To Work With Messy Closets

Messy closets are a nuisance and trouble to deal with, especially when the extent of the mess cannot just be dealt with in one day. It needs a lot of time and effort to sort them out. And once you actually take the effort and make the time, you might find it even harder. So here are some little steps you could use to deal with this mess once and for all.

Raid it all out

Just pull it all out! When dealing with messy wardrobes Sydney the first step you should start off with is this. Knowing what you are dealing with makes it is much easier to sort everything you got. So pull out all that you’ve got stored inside, from that unwanted third grade ketchup stained sweater that you wore when you had your first crush to the ratty old t-shirt of your best friend’s!

Sort it

Once you have got everything behind those sliding wardrobe doors pulled out, the next thing you should do is sort them. Decide what to throw out, what to donate and what to hold on to. For this stage, you could also use old cardboard boxes and garbage bags. Instead of throwing out the clothes you’ve barely worn you can sell then online or donate them to charity, so use those boxes to store them in, and those that deserved to be thrown out should go directly in to that black bag! Visit this link for more info on sliding wardrobe doors Sydney.

Use the Marie Kondo method

When it comes to cleaning a messy closet, no one explains it better than the expert Marie Kondo who says the best way to sorting clothes out is, considering those that bring out the spark and those that don’t. Hold on to those with the spark and let the others go.

Don’t look back

Following Marie’s method might actually be harder than you think. Letting go is something we aren’t really good at doing. So sometimes even when it comes to our clothes we hesitate. That ratty old t-shirt of your ex-boyfriend’s, has got to go and so should that curry stained white t-shirt that you wore to an all you can eat buffet! Don’t look back, just put them away once and for all! There might be those clothes that holds so many memories, and that in itself might make you hesitate on giving them up. But remember to think of the messy closet at present and sort it better! Don’t forget to ask the most important question from yourself, and that is, whether you really need them? Use hangers and sort this mess better, and voila you have got yourself an all organized closet!