Issues Of Creaking And Carpeted Squeaky Floor


Squeaky floor is a condition in which the flooring is loosen and shrinking from its sub-floor. These are caused by the gaps generated between the sub-flooring and the main floor of any building.This situation can also occur under a carpet which is called as carpeted squeaky floor. The solution to this problem is the amendment of the sub-flooringwith the help offraming and re-attaching it.Creaking floor is also a similar condition to squeaky floorin which the floor slabs shrink-out resulting in noise while stepping over it. One can fix creaking floor by changing the slabs with new one.

Carpeted squeaky floor issues

In many residential apartments and commercial buildings, the flooring is hidden by the use of carpet all over the spacing. With the passage of time, the wooden floor under the carpet can lose its grip and become smaller in size resulting in carpeted squeaky floor. This creates a disturbance in normal movement further making the floor problematic to walk on.It is an annoying condition, which is noisy and clumsy. However, there is an efficient way to deal it by using diy method. One can call-in worker or can perform the solution to carpeted squeaky floor himself.

With the help of tools and other hardware, the sub-floor removal, new fixation and re-attachment with the main floor can be done in few hours. One needs to have drill, nuts and bolts, scale, measuring tap, side cutters etc. with him. Thus, carpeted squeaky floor issue can be resolved within time, however, it is better to have guide manual.

Fix creaking floor by replacement method

Loose boards of the building floors are a main problem. They are uneasy to walk on and are largely noisy. These are usually referred as the squeaky or the creaking floors. However, there are ways one can fix creaking floormakingit appear similar to the original one. The creaky floor is not because of any structural damage but with time floor slabs have shrunken and lost integrity. The main solution to the problem is the immediate and accurate replacement of the floor boards.

In order to fix creaking floor, one must be aware about the root origin of the issue.It can either be laminated, carpeted or will be entirely wooden slabs over the floor. By carefully, removing the shorten slabs or wooden boards with the help of drills, the problem is halved solved. Now, the open spacing is filled by similar size cut boards of identical material. In this way, one can get rid of the noisy walking and can fix creaking floor easily.


Carpeted squeaky floor is the presence of loosely joined sub-floor to the main one which is inappropriate for walking over. Similar to the squeaky one, is the creakingflooring. In order tosolve andfix creaking floor, one should replace the faulted flooring area by the exact new one. This will make the floor accurate and appear like original.