Does Peace Come In Big Sizes Too?

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There is a fine line drawing a difference between peace and happiness but that doesn’t stop them from going hand-in-hand most of the time, to the point where most get them confused. While happiness is a choice peace is a state of mind. The former and latter, fortunately, come free of charge, but houses, to nobody’s surprise, have to be paid for. This invites an undivided sense of care to be shown towards every element of the kind of house you choose. As stated by an infamous contemporary quote ” Happiness comes in all sizes”, but is the case the same with peace? Would a smaller house bring in more peace of mind and happiness along with it, as opposed to a big house? The answer requires quite a bit of contemplation but is a definite yes. Keep reading to find out why we think so.

Easier to maintain? Easier to maintain.

Even though culture’s mantra keeps calling “buy as much as and big as possible”, just because that’s what you’re supposed to do if you get a higher pay or if you’re inclined to impress others or simply if you’re not advised otherwise, it’s high time you stop listening to their lies. One of the most annoying and seemingly never ending factor faced by owners of big houses is maintenance. The bigger our house, the harder maintaining it gets. This happens to be a complete contrast to the situation in smaller houses because of the manifest small area they own and the comparatively lower number of stuff they can hold, demanding comparatively less tiring and frequent cleaning services Chatswood

Less expensive

“Money isn’t available on the branches of trees”, says every human on earth. So why do you want to waste all your hard-earned money on less beneficial options? Not only are smaller homes less expensive to purchase, they are also cheaper to keep in terms of bills that require payment. A smaller home comes with a lower demand for electricity, heating, cooling, right deep cleaning services and the list goes on, ensuring that you hopefully have most of your hard-earned money to spend on other factors required to live a peaceful and happy life.

Say no to procrastination.

With the purchase of bigger houses, comes in procrastination in removing baggage, which you will most definitely forget about with time. This cannot be done in small houses because of one obvious reason; there isn’t enough space for unnecessary belongings. This is a major advantage as it prevents accumulation of unwanted belongings and helps you keep track of the things you share a home with.

Your home is a very personal decision with countless factors that require attention, which cannot be compressed in an article that is almost a page long. However taking into consideration many factors concerned with the size of your house in relation to peace and happiness, I strongly believe that peace does not always come in big sizes.