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The Many Benefits Of Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is a form of tree trimming and it includes vigorous cutting. This method is considered as controversial by some people as it cuts a great and sometimes most parts of the tree. Though cutting trees are not good, trimming is very necessary. In case of small trees, trimming is the best way to keep it in shape and maintain its health. But in case of big trees, trimming is not enough.
Trimming cannot solve the problems regarding the big trees. These trees spans in a long area and sometimes the problems are quite bigger and risky. In such cases, lopping is necessary and it must be done by a licensed arborist of reputed tree removal services. There are quite a few benefits of tree lopping.

Get rid of Hazard:

Most households having big trees face the problems where the trees become hazardous. When a branch of a big tree is dying off, people must be careful. The branch will slowly come off. Now the problem is, a branch will not only affect the property but can affect animals. People passing under the tree can even get hurt and the problem can be very fatal even. In such cases lopping by professional tree loppers is the only option to make it safe for people around it. Tree services Geelong study the state of the tree and cut the part according to the need.

Get rid of diseased parts:

Just like human beings, trees do age and get some diseases. Often pest infestation makes branches weak. But such problems do not affect a certain part. Slowly the problems get spread to other parts also and the tree will get damaged with time. If treated properly, the tree can be saved. In this case a trained and licensed arborist studies the cause of the problem and finds out how much of the tree is damaged. Depending on all these the damaged parts are cut off to save the whole tree. These parts grow again. Sometimes, only a stub of a tree remains after lopping. But the whole process is done only to save the tree.

Electric wires and trees:

This is possibly the worst condition ever. Any big tree reaching upward may touch the electric wires after some time. Now, these two components are not made for working together. Whenever you find the trees reaching for the electric wires, prepare for lopping. The arborist will study both the species of the tree and the wire before lopping. He will also make sure that the problem will be less likely to arise in future. Lopping is nothing but a form of tree maintenance.